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With Arctic Guide & Visit, your journey begins here. Please be sure to explore all our offers and choose the activity just right for your next vacation to Norway.

Who Are We?

Arctic Guide & Visit- The real experience, is a small family owned business, run and owned by Roger Tronstad and Trine Vårlund.
Roger is a jack of many trades with a passion for outdoor activity. Among these are kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding and scuba diving, he has a college education with focus on outdoor life. 
Trine has a teachers education, but is today working in healthcare, while also working as a guide for Arctic Guide & Visit. Her biggest passions are her dogs and dogsledding, as well as hiking and kayaking.  

Meet Our Beautiful Dogs

Amazing tours and fun adventures with our dogs are one of the activities we offer. To see more photos and learn more about our dogs, just check out the link below

Discover The Norwegian Wilderness.

Kayaking Through The Norwegian Fjords

Explore the beautiful Norwegian fjords while paddeling in our kayaks. Did you know that the word “Fjord” is an old viking term for “Where you travel across”?

What People Say

Never have I had so much fun. The most authentic Norwegian experience ever. Loved every minute of it.
-Daisy M.

Arctic Norway Adventure! an experience that will last for a lifetime!

Our Most Popular Activities

Book a unique tour or activity at a great price! Norway has a lot to offer and we are here to show jo just how much there is to see and experience.
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Dog sledding

Guided Kayaking

Visit Huskyfarm

Visit Husky Farm